Removed for publication.

  1. hamilton says:

    good story so far, a few grammical errors and a little confusion with the constantly chaging names, nicknames, last names and pet names, but the overall story is good thus far..

    • gaijinpunker says:

      First things first, I’m glad you’re digging the book!!!
      Grammical….um…. Grammatical (just sayin’) errors… Damn spellcheck and late nights after work over the laptop! Yup, saw those after the fact and they will be rectified prior to the novel going to publication (I do thank you though.)
      The changing names are to keep from repeating JakeJakeJakeJake, AllenAllenAllenAllen, LaurelLaurelLaurelLaurel ( or Kat) far too many times on any one page HOWEVER…! I will take a look at that as well prior to final publication ( I’m not the type of writer who discounts someone’s opinion, which may be valid by the way, to appease their own ego!) because you may be right!
      Before this goes to print I’m going to sit down for a couple of days with a hard copy, read it from cover to cover, and see if I feel the same way!
      Thank you!

  2. I absolutely love this!! I check almost every day to see if you have updated and have been with you from the start 🙂
    I can’t wait for the next installment!
    The characters are fantastic, and the mix between violence, gore and love is perfect.
    Thanks for the awesome story 🙂 🙂

    • gaijinpunker says:

      Thank you! I took a short posting break while cranking out the rest of the novel (felt it needs to be DONE since so many people are diggin’ on it), but fear not. There’s a LOT more coming from the survivors on the Screamin’ Mimi. Even some additions maybe…?
      (please, keep in mind. zombie novel. some people’s gonna die and I understand if you guys want to lynch me down the line…)
      The first novel is almost in the can (*pumps fist to sky*) and I’ll be starting the second of the three right on it’s heels. FAR more research need (interviews with police, herbalists, a couple members of armed forces, etc).
      Will be checking up on you guys in here, so don’t hesitate to message me, I’ll always reply!
      KYCH my friend…!

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