Removed for publication.

  1. mrs nelson says:

    I followed your link from rise again on facebook day before yesterday. I got cut short that morning by needing to goto work and found myself thinking all day about reading more! Same scenario today and here I come to the end *tear*! Fabulous work! I found my heart racing as Jake was bobbing and weaving on his way back. My attentions captured completely! The discriptions you use vividly paint my minds eye. In short I absolutely adore your story here and im greatly looking forward to more installments! Keep up the excellent work!!

    • gaijinpunker says:

      Mrs. Nelson,

      First, let me say THANK YOU! I’m glad you’re enjoying KYCH.
      And yes, let me reassure you, there’s going to be a lot more from Jake, Laurel, Allen, Kat and the rest.
      The dead are going to have a larger role in the coming chapters, but I AM going to keep all the witty (or half-witty) byplay and personality quirks firmly in the forefront on the story. Flying brain matter and smeared body fluids are great fun (really. they are!), but I promise I won’t cheat you or the rest of the fans, and I’ll continue to flesh out (no pun intended) the core group. You’re going to get to see them deal with a lot of things most people normally keep locked away (and with zombies. can’t forget them…). By the end of the first book ( yep. this is just the first. the battle west is going to take a couple or three to tell!) I truly hope you care about the characters, and will continue to get as much enjoyment out of following their story as I am creating it for you!

  2. Kylene Jay says:

    I really enjoyed this book! I love your reference you made to JL Bourne! I am a fan of his as well, and you are most certainly going on the list as well! Thank you for sharing your wonderful vision!

    • Kylene Jay says:

      Oh, also forgot to mention how excited I am for the next one(s)!

      • gaijinpunker says:

        Hey Kylene,
        I appreciate the literary love and I’m glad you’re enjoying KYCH so far!
        Don’t worry, the new chapter will go up tomorrow as promised. I’ve got a healthy lead on the novel (4-5 chapters depending on the day), so I can work out the kinks (hopefully) ahead of time, but there’s a lot more on the way. Some of it you’re going to love. Some, we-e-e-ll, some of it might make you want to gouge my eyes out while screaming curses incoherently over my bloody corpse…
        We’ll see.
        Oh! Even though I had to go to a bi-weekly posting schedule (due to pure, physical exhaustion), Now that the groundwork is down, and readers (like yourself) have a good sense of the characters, the fun begins. The dead are still walking, the group still has to stick to their plan, and you’re going to get to see them all put through their paces.
        —*Teaser bit— Remember that the cache / safe-house George was in charge of isn’t the only one. And if George survived along with the others in his….?) 🙂

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