—–Hello all!—–

Let me first apologize, since this is first time I’ve been able to post an update for a couple of weeks now.

First: “Keep Your Crowbar Handy” is in the editorial process and it’s going swimmingly. This is due in no small part, to KnightWatch Press assigning me the best editor I’ve had the opportunity to work with to date, Cassandra Stryffe (extraordinaire editeur nocturne!). You’re all going to be very pleased when it goes to print, Nook and Kindle!

Second (fittingly): I’ve already begun work on the second novel in the trilogy. The survivors are just getting started and there’s a heck of a lot more to follow KyCH!

Third: I wanted to take a minute and let all of you into my head a bit. See what I see (scary, I know…) when I think of the characters and how I picture them looking at the beginning of “Keep Your Crowbar Handy”. So, without further ado, here’s who some of the people that have been bouncing around in my head resemble.

I’ll do my editor’s favorite first. (You rock Cass!)

Gloria Stewart (of Titanic fame) would make the perfect feisty, sweater-knitting, (somewhat arthritic) Gertrude Jennings. Jake’s pseudo-grandmother figure/ neighbor. Though aged, Gerti has a lifetime’s worth of knowledge and a sense of what people are really like inside. Helpful when you’re in the middle of the zombie apocalypse and don’t know who to trust. She’ll become a mentor figure for many of the survivors.

Now, here’s one I dig a lot.

Stephen Lang has done everything from Avatar to Terra Nova, and would bring an “intelligent grit” to the ex-soldier/ building owner George Foster. Jake and Gertrude’s apartment building supervisor/owner, George is a fountain of military tactics. Some of his supplies (*chuckle!*) and various other items are going to be vital for the group’s survival.

Now, here’s one that was interesting to write.

The beautiful Kyli Marie would make a great Maggie Reed. The  E.M.T. is a fighter and fitness buff, but far from being over-muscled. Throughout the novel, she’ll always retain her sense of self and is going to bring much-needed options/skill to the group down the line when the “shit hits the fan”, per say.

This was a tough one.

Katherine Heigl would be perfect for Jake’s ex-girlfriend, Nichole. The selfish, self-centered, stripper- (… sorry, exotic dancer) is just one of the  problems the characters have to deal with as they attempt to survive in the zombie-infested world of “Keep Your Crowbar Handy” (and it’s sequels).

Now we come to this character. He was a lot of fun to create.

Allen, Jake’s sarcastic, video-game loving, long time friend brings a picture to my mind of of… Allen. Dominic Monaghan. The slightly goofy, slightly adept, fan of all things first person shooter is a Casanova in his own mind, and strangely enough (to Jake’s constant surprise), doesn’t do too bad. He’s brings some comedy and lightheartedness to the group, along with some awesome driving skills.


Here is one of the reasons the survivors might make it.

Elodi Yung would make the perfect Kat. Laurel’s comedic, criminally sexy best friend is a sounding board and confidant for many of their group. Her viciousness and adaptability are going to me major assets to everyone’s survival, even if she does sometimes come across as a vapid sex-kitten. Needless to say, there’s a lot more to her character than people think…

When you’ve got a reason to live, you’re more apt to do so. Here’s one.

While Laurel is a force to be reckoned with in her own right. Rachel Nichols and Tara Perry were the closest I could come to Kat’s fiery redhead friend. Though always ready to look for the best in people, Laurel is a realist. She knows there’s a lot of darkness in the world even prior to the dead rising, but also believes that doesn’t mean you should bow to it. Or let it dictate your actions.

Now for the difficult one. I thought long and hard about what I saw in my mind when I thought of Jake… and THIS is it.

Jared Leto from the band 30 Seconds to Mars has it, hands down. Semi-muscular without being a “roid” rager, decent looking without being the “block-chinned behemoth” so prominent in movies today, the grit of an old-school punk rocker/ someone who’s witnessed some really bad shit and a little boyish innocence thrown in. Basically, his look here portrays the feeling I wanted to convey of what makes up Jacob O’Connor. He’s not a your typical “action-hero”. He’s just a guy. One who’s been tossed into a situation that will push him past his limits. Force him to either become something greater or break him.

Now. I’m not saying these people are who you’re going to see, once all of you get to read “Keep Your Crowbar Handy” and the following novels in the series. I’m saying these are the images that come to mind for me.

I’ll actually be running a contest  once the novel is released and part of it will be for you to show me how you see the characters, after you read it! I’m not going to hit you with any spoilers here, but let me tell you guys…it’s going to be something you’ll want. Actually, quite a few things you’ll want.

Until next time, drink your Guinness cold, hold your redhead close and keep your crowbar handy…

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