First? An update.

My editor (the nocturnal Cass. Love ya’!) is slapping chapters around and making them say “Mama”. We’re making great progress and all of you are going to love the finished novel once “KEEP YOUR CROWBAR HANDY” breaks later this year. Also, there’s some BONUS material on the way (keep your eyes peeled!) that deals with what one of our survivors went through, on the morning of the outbreak. It’ll fill in a couple of holes so you’re going to want to have a read once that hits.

Next? Some truly righteous art!

I stumbled across these while roaming the hallowed halls of the web today. If you haven’t checked the site out yet: finish reading this post and do so. If  there’s ever a graphic novel  made of  “KEEP YOUR CROWBAR HANDY”, I’d love to have this fella’  (Mike DeBalfo) do every single panel. His pencil work is amazing and his full color pieces are utterly incredible!

(link to DeBalfo’s excellent work at bottom of page!)

EXAMPLE 1–I can easily  this as a comic style art version of our favorite, ultra-hot, red-headed survivor, Laurel St.Claire.

EXAMPLE 2–This  could easily be our ever-lovin’, wise-crackin’, zombie-killin’  ninja-girl, Katherine Cho.

See what I mean? Mike DeBalfo’s work has the ability to suck your eyes in it’s direction, like a black hole sucking down a passing asteroid. The lines are clean, the focus appealing and (lets face it) they’re pretty darned sexy too…!  Bravo!!!

If you’re digging these two, head over and check out  DeBalfo’s gorgeous work herehttp://squirrelshaver.deviantart.com/        It’s truly amazing!!!

Until next time, keep your Guinness cold, your redhead close and your crowbar handy…

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