Hello all!!!

It’s been a couple weeks now since the last time I was able to post due to working on some “special projects” for you guys (and gals! see? it’s all equal here. no one screws around), and I wanted to give you all an update.

Right off the bat, I must provide a big “thank you!” to everyone from  ZombieWalk Columbus.
It was two weeks ago as of yesterday, that Buckeye-town was invaded by masses of shambling dead fans, groaning along the route of  the yearly “shuffle” for charity and I gotta tell you, it was aweso-o-o-ome! The number of maggot-heads (zombie fans. meant with affection! I’m one meself remember!) there was far greater than my ability to count during the event, I (and my fellow filmmakers) were spoiled for choice as to which photos and what footage to actually use!

Also, I must say it was beyond  disturbing to be surrounded  (understatement! more like engulfed!)  by hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of people that looked  (and were acting!)  like the mobile, hungry dead. Even if you’re into horror. Even if you live, breathe, walk, talk, sleep, eat and dream dark fiction?
If you want to be freaked the right the hell out?
Shake your butt to a big, honkin’ zombie walk.
I shit you not.

But! Quick update for you! “Keep Your Crowbar Handy” is through the first round of edits and has moved on to the second. The folks at KnightWatch Press are “double editing” every novel before it leaves for the printers, to make damn sure there are no typos/errors (or at least keep em to the minimum!) , because (lets face it) we’ve all seen books like that you need a dictionary to decipher.  

Also! Along with KyCH, a short story (along with a couple surprises) I produced, made its way into a certain anthology (more details soon!) and this promo add is going into it as well! 

Well, that’s it for now all.
Gotta run and get the next bits done for another anthology piece and…

Well, let’s just say there’s more to the KyCH “zombie-verse”…

Until next time, drink your Guinness by the pint, hold your redhead close and keep your crowbar handy…!

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