Book Release and “The Next Big Thing”!!!

Posted: December 24, 2012 in zombie survival

book cover!!!

 Hello all!


Well it’s been a while, for which, let me apologize. You would not believe what it takes to actually put a novel into publication!

That said, at lo-o-o-ong last, KEEP YOUR CROWBAR HANDY… (thanks to the good people at the Mayday Collective) has hit the shelves! Right now, the novel is live on in both print and e-reader format!

You can grab yourself a copy at:


Oh! So I don’t have a brain fart. First thing, I wanted to thank Michael S. Gardner (author of Downfall) for literally passing the torch of “The Next Big Thing” blog tour off to me! Go check out his site:  and find him on Facebook. I dig the living hell out of his work, and it’s sure as hell worth a read!

That said, here’s the Q&A! Enjoy!!!

What’s the working title of your novel?

“Well, the one available now is KEEP YOUR CROWBAR HANDY… . I can’t take credit for that though. Even though I’ve been preaching that little piece of survivalist wisdom for years, my better half is the one who actually suggested using it for the book title. The sequel to KyCH, that I’m 7 chapters deep into writing currently, is entitled ASSUMING ROOM TEMPERATURE.”

Where did you get the idea for the novel?

“Honestly? I’ve always had a hatred for the idea of a hungry, mobile corpse. I’ve been watching and reading zombie/apocalyptic fiction for years (everything from William R. Forstchen’s ONE SECOND AFTER, to Steven King’s THE STAND, to Robert McCammon’s SWAN SONG, to Tony Monchinski’s EDEN series, to George A. Romero’s DAWN OF THE DEAD) and of all the possible ways the world could end, I have to say dead folk getting back up and eating the living is still really high on the list of things I never want to experience.
To that end, I wanted to explore what normal people, not Special Force’s officers, SEALS, or Green Baret commandos (although there are 1 or 2 individuals like that in KyCH as supporting cast members) would do if the worst happened. How would they react? Would they be able to survive, or would they quickly become zombie kibble? Many didn’t survive. No surprise there!”

What genre would you say your book represents?

“Hah! That’s the rube. It’s got zombie brain-smashin’ goodness (horror and adventure), it’s post apocalyptic (urban ficion), but it has a hell of a lot of romance and comedy too. I don’t have the first clue how what to dub it! I’ve had other authors (James Jackson, Michael S. Gardner, Tony Monchinski who wrote the KyCH forward) read it, like it, and tell me it’s much more than “just a zombie novel”…
Maybe a ‘action-adventure/comedic/zombie-mance’? Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!!!”

If you had your choice, and a near unlimited budget, can you say which actors would you choose to portray the characters in KyCH on the bigscreen?

“That’s easy. I’ve had these people in my head for over a year now! For our main cast? Jake-Jared Leto from 30 Seconds to Mars, Laurel-Rachel Nichols from G.I. Joe, Allen-Dominic Monaghan from LoTR, Kat-Erica Cerra from Eureka, Foster-Stephen Lang from Avatar and the new Conan, and finally Gertie-Gloria Stuart from Titanic!”

Are you going the self publishing route, or will it be under a publishing house?

“I considered self-publishing (after being “released” from the contract I had with my initial publisher, because they “only publish anthologies” now) but was actually contacted by the Mayday Collective the very next day and signed the day after! It took them a grand total of about 3 weeks to re-edit, review, format and publish KyCH. They are absolutely awesome.”
How long did it take you to write “KEEP YOUR CROWBAR HANDY…” ?

“Well, the story had been bouncing around in my head for about 2 years, but from the time I actually began working on it daily? I’d say about 7 to 7 ½ months. Prior to the editing process!”

For those who have yet to read it, can you give us any novels to compare it to?

“Oh gods, I wouldn’t know were to begin. One of my Beta (reader) Corps compared it to “GAME OF THRONES”, with zombies and automatic weaponry. That’s fairly close to what I was going for…”

What prompted you to write “KEEP YOUR CROWBAR HANDY…” ?

“A deep hatred for the shambling dead. I can’t think of anything worse than 95% of the world’s population falling over dead, unless it’s them getting back up afterwards and attempting to eat the other 5%.”

What is it about “KEEP YOUR CROWBAR HANDY…” that draws people to the story?

“Character flaws, character flaws, character flaws! Unlike many novels (zombie-based or otherwise!) there isn’t an ‘uber-hero’ in KyCH.
Are there people who do heroic things? Yup, sure are. Is there a lone character who can fire a minigun accurately one-handed, while hanging from the skid a helicopter, pulling a chesty blonde up from piranha-filled water with the other hand, and all the while being shot at by a dozen villains with shitty aim? Nope.
Every character in KyCH is flawed in some way. It keeps them believable. Human, if you will, and not god-like. They need each other to survive.”

Are there more stories coming from the “KEEP YOUR CROWBAR HANDY…” universe?

“Oh yeah. These characters aren’t done by a long shot. There are 2 sequels to finish out the story. I wanted to tell it in one novel (it would’ve had to have been 1500 pages long!), but there was just too much to pack in. The second of the series, “ASSUMING ROOM TEMPERATURE” is in the works now and I’m hoping to have it complete in less than 7 months this time!!”

That’s it for this installation guys and gals! I’m gonna pass the torch off to James Jackson (author of the upcoming UP FROM THE DEPTHS) who should be posting his Q&A next Monday at:

Until next time, drink your Guinness by the pint, hold your redhead close, and keep your crowbar handy!!!

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